Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woke Up This Morning

Turned on NPR to hear that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have sent troops. OMG (head shaking)
That's a mistake. And I hope they don't participate in suppressing demonstrators. This is such a turning point. This is a chance to choose a side.

Rhetorical Question: How much of a fuckin' asshole do you have to be to get wealthy people into the streets demanding freedom and risking their lives? I think that says it all right there. Those dudes in Bahrain must be assholes. I don't know them. Never met them. They have never done anything to me. But if people are stepping out of their BMWs to wave a hand in the air and yell a slogan; I'm thinking there might just be something to it.

And what proves they are assholes: They start shooting and killing people. WTF?
Ummm Did the King of Jordan do that? No, he was all..."Hey, wtf, no killing muddafuckers. Lets use our words. And btw those guys are out of a job." Now its King of Jordan; loved by thousands. Bahrain governed by assholes. You don't stand behind an asshole. And you sure as hell don't extend a hand towards an asshole unless you want to end up covered in shit.
Fucking politics!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fucking Politics

December 19, 2010. That was the date of my last post. Wow. Oh man, so much has happened since then. Old news. I went to Dubai. and LOVED IT! Fabulous. And really, they live like fucking rap stars over there man. What is not to like when you can literally have anything?

I, especially, was licking it all up. Life was a sweet, watermellon lollipop; I was sucking for dear life. Remember those ring pops? or Another favorite, watermellon Charms blowpops? Well imagine if your days felt like that candy tasted and you were floating on a goddamn yatch. And Superman and the Old Spice Guy were really one dude and they knew things about women that (if God really was a woman) all men would know about women. If you can picture any of that then you will come close to my bliss. Essentially, melted, salted, handmade butter.

(sigh)But something was beginning to bother me. Yeah, something was just not quite right. I felt it and idunnoknow. I started joking with myself at nights that I was becomming a real princess. And like The Princess and the Pea I was just being unreasonable. Here I am; sitting pretty on every luxury and comfort known to me, but I'm not comfortable. I can somehow sense that under scores of mattress there is this one pea. One thing that throws the whole thing off. I said to myself 'Dang girl. You are a Black Pearl; Precious Little Pearl but You are really am impossible to please.' And just tried really harder to be more gracious to all of the servants and staff and everyone who was doing all they could to make sure that I had a good time and just focus on being grateful b/c, god help me, I should be.

I came home in January. Found a job; and just really tried not to be an ungrateful bitch. I felt guilty; confused. And ridiculous. And a little ashamed. My lover is an Arabian Prince. I just came back from a seven or ten star hotel. I didn't know they had hotels with more than five stars. What is wrong with me?

Then...Egypt happened.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The UAE. Frankly, its been amazing and overwhelming. Everything is beautiful. Everyone is wonderful and nice. Everyone loves him so much. And his father is pretty damn cool. And (sigh) when is this going to end? How badly will this end? Take a look at our Christmas tree. I posted a story on it below.

Abu Dhabi hotel displays world's most expensive Christmas tree‎

Friday, September 10, 2010


Have you heard the story about the FLA minister who threatened to have a Quran burning??? Oy VEY! Suddenly, the premise of Footloose doesn't seem so totally absurd. Actually, it seems totally plausible and relevant. IMBD Footloose people. Great movie BTW.

Islamophobia. Islamaphobia. (sigh)

This is why we started this blog. Because Americans, although well meaning, are really... predictable. For lack of a better term. I'm just tired of it. The World Trade Towers are destroyed; Happens to be muslims. Somehow that connects to Afghanistan and Iraq and we are at war and trying to kick terriorist ass. (sigh)

Everytime we went to war with Germany, German Americans or Germans living in America got harrassed. The Japanese were put in concentration camps. (sigh) This is 2010! Can't we all just get off the hamster wheel of fear mongering and be human beings??? People can be brutal and violent. We can also be loving and compassionate. We can foster understanding rather than harboring fear and nurturing hate. We have a Black President for God sakes.